Gimimo metai: 1996

Gyvenamoji vieta: Jungtinė Karalystė


Klaipėdos"Ąžuolyno" gimnazija (2015);

Klaipėdos Adomo Brako Dailės mokykla,

University of Brighton (architektūra)

Having discovered that I have artistic imagination, I find Architecture by far the most appealing course to enrol on. In my early childhood I had my mother sign me up for the studio of arts. There I happened to find out that I want to relate my life to architecture, as I have always given preference to designing buildings than anything else. I have always known that I am a person who wants to be an architect, as I take delight in planning and designing constructions that would fit in harmony with the environment, enrich lives aesthetically and spiritually and create legacy that reflects and symbolises culture and traditions. I find this Architecture course interesting, as it offers to improve not only engineering skills, but also multi-tasking, writing, speaking, entrepreneurship and managing techniques, which is essential for an outstanding architect.


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